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Regency Era Fashion Plate - July 1819 Ladies' Monthly Museum

Regency Era Fashion Plate - July 1819 Ladies' Monthly Museum

The Mirror of Fashion for July, 1819

Walking Dress
A Jaconaut muslin round dress, ornamented at the bottom of the skirt with welts, above which is a full flounce of work, which is surmounted by welts. The body is made high, tight to the shape before, and the back full; it has a small standing collar, finished with a triple row of lace, and plain long sleeves ornamented at the bottom with work. The pelisse worn with this dress, is composed of the palest lavender coloured gros de Naples; the skirt is gored, and moderately full; the body is tight to the shape in front, and back has a little fulness at the bottom of the waist, which is finished with tabs; they are edged with white satin, small standing collar, lined with white satin. The sleeve is rather tight; it is finished at the hand with a fulness of white satin formed into puffs by straps of the same material, and ornamented with an epaulette composed of three rows of pointed lace. The pelisse has no trimming in front, except a narrow edging of white satin; but it is finished round the bottom by a full flounce of white lace. Head dress, a Leghorn bonnet, ornamented with a bouquet of flowers on one side. Limeric gloves, and half-boots to correspond.

Evening Dress
Soft white satin slip, over which is a white British-net dress; the skirt is rich embroidered round the bottom in floss silk; the body is cut very low all round the bust, it is cut in points, and is a little lower than the white satin slip; the points are edged with narrow white silk trimming. Short full sleeve of net, over white satin; it is fancifully ornamented with narrow white silk trimming, which forms it into full lozenges. Head-dress, a toque, composed of white satin, and white transparent gauze, of an oval shape, and higher than we have lately seen them; the crown is white satin, the lower part ornamented with puffs of gauze, let in; the upper part has two rouleaus placed one above another, of satin and gauze, intermixed. A small bunch of roses is placed on one side. The hair is disposed in full curls on each side of the forehead. Necklace and ear-rings, pearl. White satin shoes, white kid gloves.

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