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Regency Era Ladies Headwear - May 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Regency Era Ladies Headwear - May 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Fig 1 - Imperial bonnet of Maria Louisa blue, ornamented with straw-color French trimming; three bows of ribband, the same colour as the bonnet, in front of the crown, which is high and spiral, the bows edged with the straw-coloured trimming; the bonnet lined with white, and turned up in front.

Fig 2 - The Norman bonnet, of rose-coloured satin, trimmed round the edge with white puckered crape, the crown ornamented with alternate quiltings of white crape and rose-coloured ribband.

Fig 3 - The Hyde-park bonnet of white satin, richly ornamented with white fancy trimming, a plume of four white ostrich feathers falling over the front.

Fig 4 - The Lejeune cap of fine spotted muslin, trimmed next the face with a very broad French lace and ornamented with rose coloured ribband.

Fig 5 - The coiffeure a-l'indisposition, a mob of fine spotted muslin, with double border of clear book muslin, edged with narrow lace, a broad lace ornament falling from the crown towards the face.

Fig 6 - The peasant's cap of fine lace and muslin intermixed, double border of fine French lace, and three rows of Maria Louisa blue ribband, with bows behind of the same.

Fig 7 and 8 - Dinner caps of white satin and lace intermingled, made in the toque, or French college style.

Fig 9 - Close bonnet for morning visits, of amber satin, lined with white satin powdered with small spots, and which by being turned up, forms an edge all round the bonnet; two full bunches of white auriculas are placed in front, seperated by a rich fold of satin the colour of the bonnet.

Fig 10 - Dress bonnet of the colour of feuille morte, trimmed round the edge with striped ribband of the same colour, the crown ornamented fancifully with the same material; an immense plume of white gossamer feathers falling over the front, which is turned quite up, finishes this head dress.

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