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Regency Era Fashion Plate - May 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Regency Era Fashion Plate - May 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Explanation of the Prints of Fashion

No. 1 - Evening Dress
An embroidered white crape, or fine India muslin frock, with long sleeves, and trimmed round the bottom with fine lace, set on full, worn over a blush colour satin or sarsnet slip; the frock ornamented down the front of the skirt with beads and lace in the Egyptian style. Parisian mob, worn unfastened, of ouckered pink, and white crape over pink satin. Small pink satin tippet, with full plaiting of lace. Cestus of pale pink, confined by a clasp of pearl. Pink satin slippers, with white rosettes. The jewellery worn with this dress is the shaded cornelian, or large pearls.

No. 2 - Half Figure in a Walking Dress
A ruby pelisse of sarsnet, with a collar applique of white satin; the pelisse confined by a silver belt; sempstress bonnet of white satin, edged with vandyke lace, and ornamented in front with a full bunch of red ranunculus; old English ruff, edged with fine narrow lace of a vandyke pattern.

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