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Regency Era Fashion Plates - February 1819 Ackerman's Repository

Regency Era Fashion Plates - February 1819 Ackerman's Repository

London Fashions

Walking Dress - A high dress composed of French grey Circassian cloth: the bottom of the skirt is ornamented with bands of white lutestring, edged with cord the colour of the dress, which forms lozenges; each lozenge is ornamented at the top and bottom with a white lutestring rose, the heart of which is very much seen: it is formed of hard-twisted silk, and this gives the flower a rich and novel appearance. The body is made up to the throat, but without a collar; it is ornamented round the top of the bust with a light silk trimming; both the back and front are full, but the Athenian braces, which are worn with it, confine it to the shape. For the form of these braces, which are peculiarly advantageous to the figure, we refer to our print: they are composed of white lutestring, and have a very full epaulette of the same material. The dress has a plain long sleeve, the bottom of which is tastefully finished to correspond with the epaulette. The head-dress is a French walking hat, in shape something similar to a gentleman's: it is composed of plain straw-coloured silk pluche, and lined with slate-coloured satin; the crown is oval, and of a moderate height; the brim is rather large, but is formed into an oval shape by being turned up in a soft roll on each side. The edge of the brim is richly ornamented with slate-coloured satin, twisted to form what the French call a torsade. A long plume of white ostrich feathers, the edges of which are curled, is placed on one side. French grey gloves. Half-boots, the upper part French grey silk, the lower part black leather. A large India scarf is thrown over the shoulders. This dress is worn in carriage costume as well as for elegant promenade dress.

Evening Dress - A round dress composed of white satin: the skirt falls in easy folds round the figure; the bottom of it is richly trimmed with a double ruche of white net, over which is a beautiful wreath of white net roses intermixed with large velvet leaves: this is surmounted by a net ruche to correspond with the bottom. The body is cut low round the bust, but so as to shade the bosom in a very decorous manner; it is trimmed with lace tabs. The bottom of the waist is ornamented to correspond. A very short lace sleeve, made full: the body is contrived in a very novel way, so as to form a part of the sleeve. The head-dress is a low white satin toque, ornamented in front with white roses, which are surmounted by a plume of ostrich feathers: it is tied under the chin by a row of pearls, finished by pearl tassels.
We are indebted to Mrs. Smith, 15, Old Burlington-street, for both these dresses.

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