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Regency Era Fashion Plates - June 1820 Ackerman's Repository

Regency Era Fashion Plates - June 1820 Ackerman's Repository

London Fashions

Walking Dress - A high robe, composed of jaconot muslin: the body is plain; the waist long, and finished by a jacket, which terminates in three points; the jacket is edged with rich work; the body is made up to the throat, but without a collar; the fronts fold across, and are trimmed with puffings of net; a row of rich work surrounds the puffings on the side next to the shoulder, and a row of narrow lace edges them on that next to the bust. The skirt, which is open, is trimmed up the sides and round the bottom to correspond with the bust. The half-sleeves are of a similar description, but upon a larger scale; the long sleeve, which is of an easy fulness, is ornamented at the bottom to correspond with the trimming. The pelisse worn over this dress, is composed of lemon-coloured and white figured sarsnet, and lined with white sarsnet; the skirt is a good deal gored, and moderately full; the body is tight to the shape; the waist long, and ornamented by rosettes on the hips; the collar is of a new form, high, but not pointed behind, and very shallow towards the front; the sleeve is rather tight to the arm, and falls very far over the hand. The trimming goes entirely round the pelisse; it consists of a wreath, which we cannot call leaves, but which resemble them a little in form: the outside of each is composed of plain gros de Naples; the middle is filled up by a satin puff. This trimming has a singular but tasteful effect. Head-dress, a bonnet composed of white crape over net: the crown is low; the brim very large, and stands out a good deal from the face; it is edged with blond; the crown is ornamented with roses: a rich ribbon passes under the chin, and ties in a full bow on one side. Limeric gloves. Pale lemon-coloured kid half-boots.

Evening Dress - A round dress, composed of white figured lace over a white satin slip; the corsage is long in the waist, has a little fulness at the bottom of the back, and is cut moderately low round the bust, which is ornamented with a falling lace tucker. Short sleeves, composed of alternate puffings of pink gros de Naples and white lace; the puffings are placed crosswise, and there are three of each. The bottom of the skirt is trimmed with two rows of white satin leaves placed perpendicularly; they are headed by a wreath of field-flowers. The hair is dressed in very full curls in front, drawn up behind in a full tuft on the crown of the head, and fastened with a jewelled comb. A plume of feathers, of a beautiful and novel description, is placed on one side of the head; they are ostrich, but the middle of each is covered with down: one feather is of uncommon length; the two others are shorter. Necklace and ear-rings, diamonds. White kid gloves, and white satin shoes.
We are indebted to Miss Pierpoint, inventress of the corset a la Grecque, of No. 9, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, for both these dresses.

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