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Regency Era Fashion Plates - January 1811 Ackerman's Repository

Regency Era Fashion Plates - January 1811 Ackerman's Repository

Fashions for Ladies
Plate 3 - Evening Dresses
Erect Figure - A French frock, with demi-traine of black imperial gauze, worn over a slip of white sarsnet or satin; the bottom, bosom, and short sleeve ornamented with a vandyke border of white velvet or thread lace. A white celvet or satin hat, ornamented with two curled ostrich feathers, with a silver or beaded band. White kid gloves and shoes.

Sitting Figure - An elegant Grecian robe of silver grey crape, worn over a white satin under-dress, ornamented at the feet and down each side of the figure with a light and tasteful border of black bugles. Stomacher of the same, edged with black beads, corresponding with those which finish the bosom and sleeves. Ear-rings, necklace, and bracelets of jet. Hair in waved curls on each side the face, divided in front of the forehead with a full plait, and ornamented with a barrel comb of jet. White satin slippers, with black jet clasps or bugle rosettes. White kid gloves, and fan of silver-frosted crape.

Back-ground Figure - A robe of black Venetian velvet, with short Circassian sleeve; gathered in a knot of white beads or pearl; the bosom and stomacher to correspond. Pearl necklace, ear-rings, and bracelets. Belt of white velvet, with mother-of-pearl clasps. Convent veil of white cobweb net, confined in front with a pearl crescent, a la Diana. Sandal slippers of white kid. Gloves of the same, and fan of carved ivory.

Plate 4 - A Walking Dress A round high morning robe of cambric, with deep full-trimmed collar. A Swedish coat of lead-coloured cloth, or black velvet, trimmed entirely round with swansdown or blue fox fur. A Spanish pelerine of the same, fastened in front of the throat with a mother-of-pearl broach; clasps to correspond for the bottom of the waist. A traveller's hat of black or grey velvet, or cloth turned up on the left side with a shell ornament. Half-boots of grey cloth, laced and bound with black velvet. Chinese ridicule of grey or lead-coloured satin, embellished with black medallions and tassels. Gold chain and eye-glass.

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