Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Regency Era Fashion Plates - June 1809 Ackerman's Repository

Regency Era Fashion Plates - June 1809 Ackerman's Repository Fashions for Ladies and Gentlemen
Walking Dress Standing Figure - A Venetian spencer of violet satin, or sarsenet, with a row of small round buttons embroidered in silver, with a pendant loop to each; continued at the neck with a silk cord or silver tassel. Beaver hat of the same colour, rather small, turned up in front, with a silver button and loop. Worked muslin dress and skirt, to show the feet and ankles. Black silk slippers and York tan gloves. Sitting Figure - Muslin underdress, with full loose sleeves; a Tunic a l'antique of yellow crape, trimmed with broad lace round the bottom; yellow silk head-dress, with short veil. Purple mantle, lined with white. York tan gloves. Child's Dress - Swedish coat of grey cloth or silk, clasped down the front with silver ornaments; short open sleeves. Hat of the same colour, turned up with silver loop.
Promenade Dress Spotted muslin under-dress, over which a light coat, bordered with cerulean blue. Blue silk head-dress, bound round with silver cords and tassels. Blue silk scarf, lined with white; silver border and tassels. White shoes edged with blue. York tan gloves.

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