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Regency Era Fashion Plate - June 1819 Ackerman's Repository

Regency Era Fashion Plate - June 1819 Ackerman's Repository London Fashions
Morning Dress A round dress of thick haconot muslin: the bottom of the skirt is richly worked in points; they are surmounted by a broad casing, which is drawn by blue ribbon; several rows of cord are placed above this easing. Chemisette body; the waist is longer than usual: the collar is of a new description; it is composed of muslin laid on full over ribbon, and edged all round with rich work. Long sleeve, tastefully ornamented at the wrist, to correspond. The apron worn with this dress is composed of the same material; it is rather more than a three-quarter length, and is trimmed round with rich work. A brace is attached to the back part of this apron, which forms at once an epaulette and a low back to the dress: it is advantageous to the shape, and has a very tasteful effect; it is composed entirely of rich work. Head-dress, a cornette, or rather we should say a half cornette, composed of white lace: it is of a moderate height, and has very small ears, which do not meet under the chin, where it is tied with blue ribbon; it is ornamented only with a simple bow of ribbon to correspond, which is palced on one side of the caul. Blue kid shoes.
Evening Dress A round dress, composed of white transparent gauze, over a white satin slip: the bottom of the skirt is trimmed with a deep flounce of rich blond, formed into draperies by white satin bows; a large star, composed of white satin disposed in folds, is placed between each wave of the drapery. This is a simple but elegant style of trimming; its effect is extremely light and tasteful. The body is plain, tight to the shape, and rather long in the waist; it is cut low all round the bust, and is trimmed with a full fall of lace, which forms a pelerine behind. Short sleeve, ornamented in a new style, with lace twined in a serpentine manner round the bottom part. Head-dress, a garland of intermingled moss-roses and lilies. The hair is dresses rather high, and with a profusion of full curls in front. Necklace and ear-rings, pearl. White satin shoes; white kid gloves. We are indebted to Miss Pierpoint of No. 9, Henrietta-street, Covent-Garden, for both our dresses this month.

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