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Regency Era Fashion Plate - April 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Regency Era Fashion Plate - April 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Fashions for April, 1812

Explanation of the Prints of Fashion

Walking Dress
A three quarters pelisse, of dark willow-green sarsnet, or fine Merino cloth, worn over a round dress of fine India muslin, richly embroidered, and trimmed round the bottom with lace, put on rather full. The pelisse made round in the skirt, like the short Indian coat; and trimmed round the throat and wrists with swansdown; faced in front and trimmed round the bottom with broad stripes of black velvet; military front, with two rows of mother-of-pearl buttons, fastened down the front of the skirt with one row of the same and alternate tassels, the colour of the pelisse, which is confined at the waist by a gold belt. Yeoman's hat of the same colour, materials, and ornaments as the pelisse, and finished in front with a flat ostrich feather. Half-boots of light fawn coloured kid, laced with dark willow green in front. Limerick gloves of pale straw colour.

Evening Dress
A velvet, or gossamer satin gown, of bright amaranth, ruby, or cinnebar brown, with a demi-train, trimmed round the bottom, bosom, and sleeves wit a ligt tassel fringe, of the frivolite kind, of the same colour; apron of white crape, sarsnet, or lace, ornamented with the same; sleeves of white satin, or of materials correspondent with the apron; these short sleeves made rather nearer to the elbow than formerly, and formed after the chemisette style. The body of the gown richly ornamented with beads or pearl, crossed like the ribband braciers, and confined at the bosom by a bright ruby broach, set round with pearl. The waist confined by two rows of beads or pearl, and fastened in front with a broach, the same as that on the bust. A lace half handkerchief, with a border richly embroidered in coloured silks, tied carelessly round the neck. Moorish turban of white satin and coloured crape twisted in the front, the same colour as the gown, and fastened on the crown with a ruby ornament to correspond with the broaches. Earrings of one large pearl, of the pear form, with a single row as a necklace to correspond; bracelets of two rows of pearl, clasped by one large ruby. White satin slippers, with very small rosettes of the same; and white kid gloves. A fine Cachemire shawl, of very pale buff colour, is thrown over this dress at the conclusion of visits, the Opera, &c.

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