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Regency Era Fashion Plate - December 1820 Ladies' Monthly Museum

Regency Era Fashion Plate - December 1820 Ladies' Monthly Museum

The Mirror of Fashion for December, 1820

Walking Dress
A round dress, composed of light grey poplin: the bottom of the skirt is trimmed with two broad flounces of the same material; the second flounce is placed at some distance from the first, and the edges of each are finished by two very narrow satin tucks; a narrow band of byas satin forms a heading to the bottom flounces, and the one that surmounts it is headed by three similar bands. Plain high body, with a small standing collar. Long sleeve, made rather tight to the arm; turban cuff and half-sleeve of satin, to correspond. The pelisse worn with this dress is composed of dark fawn-coloured cloth, lined with white sarsnet and trimmed round the bottom and up the fronts with a broad border of Provence rose-coloured satin, ornamented with shells of the same material, which are placed at regular distances, the space between each being filled by a full-raised plaiting of satin to correspond. The edges of the trimming are finished by narrow satin bands. Plain high body, rather long in the waist. High collar, standing out from the throat. Long sleeve, moderately wide, falling very much over the hand, and terminated by a full puffing of Provence rose-coloured satin. Very full epaulette, forming an open-work in scollops, the points of which fasten in the middle of the epaulette by satin rosettes. Head-dress, a black Leghorn bonnet lined with white satin; the crown of which is low, the brim extremely deep, rounded at the ears, and nearly meeting under the chin; the front of the crown is ornamented with a wreath of satin to correspond with the trimming of the pelisse, and is disposed in full plaits; a bow to correspond is placed in the centre of the crown, just beneath this wreath, and a band encircles the bottom; the edge of the brim is finished by a full puffing of the same material, and the strings are tied in a bow a little to the left side. Black leather boots; Limeric gloves.

Evening Dress
A Venetian gauze frock over a white satin slip: the bottom of the skirt is ornamented with a very broad trimming composed of pink satin shells; there are three rows, disposed irregularly, and intersected with narrow pink satin rouleaux: the effect of this trimming is strikingly tasteful and novel. The corsage is plain in front, full behind, and long in the waist; it is cut low round the bust, which is ornamented with a Valenciennes lace tucker a l'enfant. Short sleeve, made very full, the fulness is formed into compartments by rouleaux of pink satin: the bottom of the sleeve is finished by a broad band of pink satin, which confines it to the arm, and a fall of narrow loace placed under the edge of the band. A white satin sash tied behind in short bows and long ends finished the dress. The hair is dressed in light curls and much parted on the forehead; a little of the hind hair is cropped and curled in the neck, the remainder is combed up tight to the crown of the head, plaited in broad bands and disposed in the form of a coronet, which is decorated with a garland of mingled white and red roses. Necklace and ear-rings, pearl. White satin shoes and white kid gloves. We are indebted to Miss Pierpoint, maker of the Corset a la Grecque, No. 9, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, for both these dresses.

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