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Regency Era Fashion Plates - July 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Regency Era Fashion Plates - July 1812 La Belle Assemblee

Explanation of the Prints of Fashion

No 1 - Opera, or Gala Dress
A robe of Imperial blue sarsnet, shot with white, with a demi train, ornamented with fine French lace down each side the front and round the bottom; the trimming surmounted by a white satin ribband; the robe left open a small space down the front, and fastened with clasps of sapphire and pearl over a white satin slip petticoat: short fancy sleeve to correspond with the ornaments of the robe. Parisian cap made open, formed of rows of fine lace and strings of pearl, the hair dressed a-la-Henriette of France, appearing between, and much separated on the forehead. Pearl necklace, and hoop earrings of the same. Scarf shawl in twisted drapery of fine white lace. White kid gloves and fan of ivory, ornamented with gold. Slippers the same colour as the robe, with white rosettes. - This beautiful dress is the invention of Miss Walters, Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square.

No 2 - Evening Dress
A pale willow green, shot with white; or plain white gossamer satin slip, with a demi train fringed with silver; short close sleeves the same as the slip, terminated with rows of scallops. Short Grecian robe of white crape, embroidered and fringed with silver; the waist of satin, ornamented with pearls, beads, or a delicate trimming of silver; girdles a-la-repentie, formed of silver cordon and rich silver tassels. Anne of Denmark hat, of white satin, with a long white ostrich feather drooping over the front, and surmounted by a small bunch of rose-buds or wild honey-suckles; pearl bandeau discovered on the right side of the head. Maltese earrings of pearl and sapphires, with pearl necklace and cross to correspond. White satin slippers, fringed with silver. White kid gloves. The shawl or long mantle generally thrown over this dress should be of Maria Louisa blue, with very deep fringe. - This elegant dress is the invention of Mrs. Thomas, corner of Chancery-lane, Fleet-street.

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