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Regency Era Fashion Plate - December 1819 Ladies' Monthly Museum

Regency Era Fashion Plate - December 1819 Ladies' Monthly Museum

The Mirror of Fashion for December, 1819

Walking Dress - A cambric-muslin high dress; the waist rather long, and tight to the shape; plain long sleeve, finished at the hand with Urling's lace; the bottom of the skirt is also trimmed wit two rows of the same material. The pelisse worn over this dress, is composed of a Clarence-blue kerseymere; the body is made tight to the shape; the waist is long, and the sleeve rather wide, and falling very much over the hand; it is trimmed with a rich embroidery of royal cord to correspond, which goes all round; it nearly covers the bust in front, and forms a small epaulette; the bottom of the sleeve is embroidered to correspond. Head-dress, Clarence bonnet, in velvet, of the colour of the pelisse; the crown is moderately high; the brim very deep over the face, but rounded at the ends; it is trimmed at the edge with pointed blond; a full plume of ostrich feathers to correspond; droops a little to the left side. The lining is geranium-coloured sarsnet; two strings of the same colour. Full ruff of Urling's lace; squirrel-skin muff; limeric gloves; and black shoes.

Morning Dress - A mulberry-coloured tabbinet round gown, made half high; the skirt moderately wide at bottom, but very narrow at top, and the fullness very much thrown behind; the bottom of the skirt is finished with four rows of geranium royal cord, disposed in a slight wave; the body is tight to the shape; the bust is ornamented to correspond with the skirt, as is also the bottom of the long sleeve; the upper part is let in on the shoulder in three places, with satin of the colour of the cord; the sleeve is of a moderate width, except at top, where is it very full. Fichu of clear muslin, with a triple ruff of lace. Head-dress, a small cornette, composed of Urling's lace. Black kid shoes; and white kid gloves. We are indebted for these dresses to Miss Pierpoint, maker of the corset a la Grecque, of No. 9, Henrietta-street, Covent-Garden.

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