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Regency Era Fashion Plate - December 1807 La Belle Assemble

Regency Era Fashion Plate - December 1807 La Belle Assemble

Fashions for December, 1807

Explanation of the Prints of Fashion

No 3 -
A frock dress of plain cambric, or India mulin; with short Bishop's sleeve, round bosom, and drawn back. A plain drawn tucker of Paris net; the frock trimmed down the sides with the same, or gathered muslin. A French pelerine, of fluted velvet, or plaited lawn, with high ruff; the tippet crossing the bosom in front, is tied in a bow at the bottom of the waist behind. A poke bonnet, of basket willow, or striped velvet, with full bows, and long ends of shaded orange ribband on one side. York tan gloves above the elbow. Turkish slippers of red Morocco.

No 4 - A Zealand wrap, of crimson Georgian cloth, the bosom and cuffs composed of fluted velvet the same colour. A mountain bonnet trimmed to correspond, and ornamented with a shaded handkerchief; which is formed in a full tuft on the left side, and brought under the chin. A high ruff, of French lace, with scalloped edge, brought to a point in the centre of the bosom. A rich cord and acorn tassel confining the coat round the waist, and tied in front with long ends. The under dress of plain muslin, or French cambric. Shoes of brown velvet, and gloves Limerick kid.

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