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Regency Era Fashion Chit Chat - March 1818 Ladies' Monthly Museum

Regency Era Fashion Chit Chat - March 1818 Ladies' Monthly Museum

From the various dresses which have appeared in the circles of fashion since the publication of our last number, we have selected the following as most worthy of the attention of our fair readers.

A dinner dress composed of rich figured sarsnet, the ground a deep blue with a very small flower, the colours of which are white, and pale pink. The body is cut low and square round the bust, the waist rather longer than last month, and the back narrower at the bottom; the back is finished at each side by a narrow white silk trimming, put on zigzag. A piece of British net striped with narrow white satin is let in in the front, so as to form it to the shape; this net is edged with narrow silk trimming to correspond with the back. The bust is ornamented with a full quilling of blond lace. Short full sleeve, terminated by a band not quite a nail in breadth, and formed of bias white satin tucks. The trimming of the skirt is blond net, which is laid on very full, and divided into bias compartments by four satin tucks, which are alternately white and deep blue; this trimming is finished by a deep blond lace flounce, set on very full. This dress is remarkably elegant, and is appropriate either for dinner, or social evening parties.

We have observed at the opera several white satin toques, of an oval shape; the part next the face composed of a piece of bias satin, which stands rather out from the face, and forms a kind of small front, which is edged with narrow blond lace; the crown is oval, of a moderate height, and smaller at top than bottom; it is ornamented with ten or twelve folds of white satin laid one over another, and each edged with narrow blond lace, these folds are brought to the edge of the top of the crown, where they are fastened by small silk buttons. A very full plume of down feathers is placed upright in front. These toques are very novel, and in general becoming.

Pelisses and spencers are both fashionable for the promenade; the latter are generally composed of cloth, the former of velvet. Coloured bombazeen, or poplin dresses are generally worn with spencers. Large bonnets are universally adopted for walking; they are composed of beaver, velvet, and Leghorn; the two former are ornamented with feathers, the latter trimmed either with riband, or satin.

British net and gauze, both plain and figured, are fashionable for evening dress. Bombazeen and poplin for morning costume. Plain and figured sarsnet for dinner gowns. Light gray, fawn colour, green, rose colour, and blue, are the colours most fashionable.

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