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Regency Era Fashion Plate - August 1817 Ladies' Monthly Museum

Regency Era Fashion Plate - August 1817 Ladies' Monthly Museum

The Mirror of Fashion for August, 1817

Morning Dress
Of cambric muslin, is richly ornamented down the front, and round the bottom with an elegant worked border: it is worn with a half high dress, composed of a double worked frill, which forms a cape. The sleeves are rather loose: and bound to the wrist, which finishes with a double worked frill.

With this beautiful dress is worn a French morning bonnet, composed of green sarsnet, lined with white sarsnet, and ornamented with ribands and a bunch of pale-coloured roses. Shoes and gloves to correspond.

Evening Dress
This beautiful dress is of pink crape; the body is of pink satin, with a cape of pink crape, ornamented with rouleaus of satin, and trimmed with blond; the bottom of this dress is ornamented with a rich fancy trimming, composed of satin and blond, producing an uncommonly delicate and rich effect.

The head-dress worn with this dress is a beautiful Highland toque, composed of satin and crape, which is most richly ornamented with tassels, riband, and a plume of white feathers, tipped with pink. White kid gloves, and white satin shoes.

There is a taste and a novelty about these dresses that Mrs. Bell has found particularly attractive amongst ladies in fashionable life.

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