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Regency Era Fashion Plate - September 1807 La Belle Assemblee

Regency Era Fashion Plate - September 1807 La Belle Assemblee

Explanation of the Prints of Fashion

English Costume
No 1 - Evening Dress. A round train dress of India muslin, embroidered in a fancy border of needle-work at the feet. The stock bosom, ornamented with white beads. A full Spanish short sleeve, over a plain one of white satin. A scalloped lace tucker, placed strait round the bosom. Circassian scarf of gold, chambrey, or lace, crossing the back, and gathered in front of the left shoulder into an emerald brooch, reaching to the feet, finished with a gold tassel, and occasionally formed into drapery by the attitude of the right hand. The hair tastefully disposed in bands and curls; and a small ostrich feather crossing the corwn towards the right side, is fastened to the hair with an emerald stud. Earrings, necklace, and bracelets of pearl, with emerald clasps. White kid gloves and shoes.

No 2 - Evening Walking Dress. A plain round gown of jaconet muslin, a walking length, simply ornamented with rows of open-hems round the bottom. A plain square bosom sitting close to the form, laced up the front, and trimmed at the edge with twisted muslin. A large straw hat of the Gipsy form, tied across the crown with a silk handkerchief. Deep Vandyke stock, of lace or needle-work. A black lace or Chinese shawl, thrown in irregular negligence over the shoulders. Straw-coloured kid gloves and shoes. White sarsnet parasol, deeply fringed, and painted in historical devices.

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